Saturday, October 01, 2005

IAG's Alumni Presentations

Everyone in IAG should take some time out and look at the presentations done prior to the start of this year. You can drench yourself in self-pity at the wisdom of Steve, Tom, Rahat, Eric, and other brilliant financiers that aren't around anymore. It's going to be mighty hard living up to their legacies. There's a huge talent void/gap left by the brilliant people of last year who graduated. We sure have some big shoes to fill.


On a lighter note, third quarter earnings start coming out in the form of 10-Qs in the next couple of weeks or so. Usually, earnings season is very important catalysts for companies that are value-oriented or under the radar, and a tremendous upside potential could be realized in the next month or so if we play our cards right. Hopefully, we will be pretty invested soon--right now the initiative is currently at around 35% invested, and the All-Star I believe is only 30%... we really hope to increase that percentage in the coming weeks... but of course, not without good ideas first.

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