Friday, December 02, 2005

Twiddle Dee

It certainly has been a very exciting trip managing the initiative over the past couple of weeks. I swear I dream in stock ticks and valuation fundamentals now. Sometimes, I think I even have deja vu when a stock goes up and down the following day. Of course, this is far from healthy, but I think I'm getting used to this more and more--and though the stocks are falling in the short term, I'm pretty comfortable holding them for the initiative. They are great companies, but volatile as hell since they are under-covered and small-cap. It wouldn't be half as bad I think if it weren't for the fact that I have the pressure of reporting an over performance every week. Sometimes, catalysts simply don't kick in, and until they kick in, your stocks keeps getting killed. I'm crossing my fingers that they will kick in by the end of February, or the portfolios are indeed going to be screwed this year. NO--actually, I take that back. Eternal Technologies won't have a 10-K out until March 30th historically, and they usually don't announce 4Q earnings before then. That's another 3 months of waiting.

So I better get crackin' on some Christmas ideas for 4th quarter.

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